Friday, March 2, 2007

Yo ho !

hey thr ! i get a break while she is breaking her head on " A quarterly rate of 2.5% is equivalent to a semiannual rate of 1.025^2 -1=5.0625% " ...she jussssst got it and oh god ! even I am embarassed to say she is from one of the IITs! wel well well..u cant blame this one on the education system either !
This blog...someitmes i feel distracted...i should be writing about like I said 'ramblings of a bird brain' but sometimes I feel like pinning down my wise opinions on the increasing number of IITians who think they should have done a bachelors in commerce rather than engg...this one i can blame on the education system!
Ok, back to the main topic...there r so any unrelated things to write so i shall make small bloglets out of them....

------------------------A story-----------------------------
.................................He, the Superman! .....................................
He and She just finished watching a movie.He is bac to his laptop and She is still staring at the TV ( takes her some time to shift gears actualy) . She feels hungry.
She: Honey..
She : 'You cook!'
(No no , u got to imagine it right.,a very shrill voice , shiny round eyes and an extremely silly expression on her face . you can also imagine a lighted bulb near her head , eureka one)
(so here we go again)
She : 'You cook'!
He slowly turns towards her.Now he doesnt say no to her.He doesnt answer mostly but still never a No u see. I am waiting and waiting and waiting for a response from the laziest bum on the planet .
He gets up! He actually gets up !
He is walking towards the kitchen.
She: (very annoying silly giggling) hehehe, This is so nice !
Suddenly, he starts limping.He is on his knees.He is still moving towards the kitchen.He has gone down on all fours. he is still inching towards the kitchen. At first She was thinking he is just acting , now she cant resist asking.
She: 'what happened?'
He: nothing
She:' whats it?! say!"
He:' I thought u knew. The kitchen floor is made of Kryptonite'
She: so?
He: ' I thought u knew. I am allergic to Kryptonite.'
Hats off !! awesome !! Did u get it ? Not only is he allergic to kitchen floor , he is the Superman!!! Now thats what i call husband-ish !!!

---------- A sample conversation----------------------------------
She: ( with that sily expression) Sometimes I find you funny!
He slowly turns towards her and simultaneouly his right eyebrows gets raised.
He: funny?!
She: (quickly) Mostly i find you cute !
He: I always find you khoti.
(khota: ass)

------------A confession-------------------------------------------
She (almost an year back, with friends) : "How could you do this to maggi!??!!!"
and how could you say that!
Did you get up on a sunday and make breakfast for the rest like she did !
and like you are the authority on maggi over here !

----------------An Achievement---------
The perfect indian housewife managed to reduce her electricity bill by a whopping fiftyyyyyy percennntttttttttt!!(clappppingggg!!!) She should be allowed to put that on her MBA resume !
and you know how did she celebrate this achievement?
She ordered the ( imagine a deep booming male voice) "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
Now thats like a grown-up!!

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